Language Arts

Third Quarter

This quarter the student's essential concentration is 'The Path One Takes from childhood to Adulthood'.

February-Together we are working on a short story titled Marigolds. The students work with me to annotate this story and make inferences about the author's message. We are looking at the journey Lizbeth must take to go from being a child to growing into an adult.

The class is reading the novel Sold by Patricia McCormick. This is a story of a young woman, Lakshmi, who is about the same age of our eighth graders. Lakshmi is sold into human trafficking and we read about her journey and how she survives in this devastating situation. 
The students are continuing to make inferences within this story and show their understanding through text questions that are counted as formative assessments (quiz grades).

Sold, the motion picture, was quite a success. Your students were engaged and voiced that they really enjoyed it. They were able to make some really great comparisons between it and the book!

We have now been working on our writing for the quarter, position papers. The question that the students are answering/arguing is Should Child Soldiers Be Given Amnesty? There papers are due Tuesday March 14. If students wish, they can turn essays in by Friday March 10 for me to look over and give notes before they turn in their final.

Students have also been reading individual reading books that connect with this quarter's concentration. They will be expected to be finished with their books by March 15 and will have a project due March 21. They will present their projects March 22 and 23. The students have a choice of five projects to choose from.

I am here after school for CLC every Tuesday and Thursday. 
Please do not hesitate to call or email me with questions. Email is the fastest way to reach me.